The History of

This old historic church was founded in the year of 1869 and the plot of ground on which it is erected was purchased from the late William Jackson and his wife, Minerva, who were the parents of our late Mother Margaret Shepherd.

This church was then known as THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. After a division it was called Second Baptist Church, and later it was given the name it bears at present, the SECOND FREE MISSION BAPTIST CHURCH. The first structure was destroyed by storm. Shortly afterwards it was rebuilt.

Rev. Moses Jackson was the first pastor, and a great preacher was he. After serving as pastor for some years he returned to his native home in Virginia in the year of 1871.

Then came the Rev. Henry Davis, who was a gospel preacher and evangelist. Rev. Davis was called to the Great Beyond on December 16, 1888. Although asleep, he is not forgotten.

Later came the Rev. H.C. Foster, a man among men and a mighty preacher. Many were called to the light of God through his preaching. During his administration new pews and pulpit furniture, a metallic ceiling, and bell were purchased. All were used until demolition of the old building in early 1979. Rev. Foster died in September of 1911.

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